Live in grace, walk in love.

So I met Bob Goff- the author of that phrase above- oh- and the New York best seller “Love Does”, yesterday at the Midland Prayer Breakfast.
He is as loving + REAL as he sounds in his book.
He put his personal cell number in the back, & got called crazy for it. He insists on all walks of people calling him and picks it up every time.
I met him, and I hadn’t finished the book and he hugged me, took a photo with me and said, “would you call me when you’re done and tell me what you learned?” Boy will.I.EVER!!!!
I learned to be a constant learner + reader from William Attaway. The day I began work he piled 10 books on my desk and said the resident-internship and internship program was designed to be sort of like drinking from a firehose. I’m so glad I did!
Bob Goff is one of those people when you hear, read, or meet him… You wonder: “Are you for REAL?! No ones that nice- + not exhausted or FAKE.”

He’s not exhausted, and he’s not fake.

People teach you not to spread yourself too thin or you’ll get burnt out. I realized something. If the love of God compels you- and He goes before you… Then we can trust that he’ll send you not only the right people in the right timing, but also the soul-rest you need.

See Bob Goff doesn’t let compete strangers eat on his deck, drive his boat, + get engaged in his backyard out of obligation… He does it because he’s spent so much time with Jesus he’s started to become a lot, {A LOT} like him.

Bob Goff is Jesus with skin on.

He never lets his calls go to voicemail. He encourages strangers to call him.

Can’t wait to call him tomorrow and tell him all the stuff I learned from his book.

Someday when I die- I pray my funeral is standing-room-only… People rubbing shoulders with people who’ve never met each other, but were EACH discipled by me personally. I want the discipleship that comes from my reading + spending time with Jesus to become like a domino effect. I pray I touch many lives even until my last breath.

I have a long way to go.

Buy his book. Read it. Read your Bible. Underline + scribble the heck outta both of ’em.

What have I… Have we all… Been waiting for?

“Our gospel says: ‘agree with Jesus!’ The Holy Gospel: ‘DO STUFF!'” -Bob Goff

“I love the book of Acts, because it’s not called the book of OPINIONS.” -Bob Goff

“Hope calls fear’s bluff every time. We can quit anything in a Thursday. Quit being afraid.” -Bob Goff

“We won’t be extravagant with our love if it’s more important to us to get everyone’s approval. Love big.” -Bob Goff

“Every kind word to someone we disagree with is report card on what we’ve learned about love.” -Bob Goff

“We keep telling God about our opinions. He keeps asking about our hearts.” -Bob Goff

“Get off your spiritual butt and just love. Start with the hardest-to-love. It can only get easier after that.” -me



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