The right to speak truth must be earned


On the topic of same sex marriage and God- I don’t know that anyone says it better than Jim Dennsion:


“Do whatever would most persuade non-believers to consider Jesus. Do you think Michael Sam is more or less likely to want the faith of those who protest at his games?”

Think about it. Sometimes we Christians sound so angry. We badger people about our “rights as Christians”— even though Christ made it clear this world is not our home- our home is in the Kingdom of Heaven. What we are to do is to reach as many souls with His love as possible: to join us in the Kingdom of Heaven. He made it clear we would face persecution and opposition. He didn’t promise us “rights”.

Are we loving others with our actions and our words; or as Jim Dennison says, are we keeping “our “salt” in the saltshaker, our light under a basket (Matthew 5:13-16)?

Who will believe in Jesus because of your testimony today?”

4 thoughts on “The right to speak truth must be earned

  1. Absolutely agree – until we stop grouping people into categories, which both dehumanizes and judges, we haven’t earned the right to speak truth into their lives. We must establish relationships with individuals, speak love, grace and mercy into their lives as Jesus did with us. But before we ever speak a word, we must listen with compassion, as Jesus did. That’s how relationships are established. And there’s certainly not enough of that going around.

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