Resolution for 2014- our Celebrations Jar

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Remember our Celebrations Jar from last year? As you can see in our blog post from last New Years Day, we started writing our littlest and biggest of life’s joys on slips of paper and folding them, and collecting them in a jar by the door in our old apartment, then in our new little brick house.

Last night we scattered our blessings from the jar like celebrations confetti all over our living room. Then, by the fire we read each one-by-one out loud together, and laughed and praised the Lord into the New Year.

No matter the year you’ve had, there is always hope. God is always good. Psalm 71:14.
Tell God what you’re thankful for this New Year!

Consuming Fire

imageWe are going to celebrate even the littlest of things in 2014. Every time we laugh til our bellies hurt, learn something new, or have a milestone blessing happen to us, we will write it on a piece of appear and put it in the jar.

Then next New Year’s we will open and read all of them.

Happy travels in 2014! Remember: we are rich in the littlest of life’s joys. May God bless you!

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