DIY Guitar Humidifier

This way to humidify your guitar is more a once in a while method. If left for longer than 24 hours, it can actually gather too much moisture and bloat the body of your guitar.

I learned it from my repairs guy at N-Tune here in Midland. (His name is Joe, and he is awesome.)

Instead of a small humidifier to place between the strings inside the body, this places the entire body inside a moist bag.

To begin, you’ll need:
a contractor’s bag (or a very large kitchen trash bag), masking or electrical tape, a leather shoe string or belt, and an aluminum baking pan.

Take your guitar strings off, then place the pan in the bottom of the bag and fill the pan with water.


Then hang your guitar somewhere close to the ground using the shoestring or belt (I picked the lower bar in our closet):


Slide the pan of water in the bag under your guitar:


And bring the bag up to the neck. Loosely gather the bag around the neck and tape it. My contractor’s bag was thick so it stayed up on its own. (I would recommend this so you don’t tape your guitar!)


You want enough room for it to vent so try making about a finger’s width or more of space. You don’t want to soak your guitar.


Leave for 24 hours and you’re good! Hope you found this as helpful as I did! (The desert can be especially brutal on guitars!) 🙂

Comment how it worked for you, or if you have any more tips or tricks!


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