Getting Better at your instrument

Sometimes as a worship leader, it’s easy to get so busy with the job that you don’t have time to work on your instrument.

We don’t want that!

A lot of people don’t know this…(probably people who don’t play guitar- because people who play can TELL:))! but: I only learned guitar a few years ago, out of necessity. I have a degree in music/voice, and play classical piano, but I just picked up the guitar a little under 2 years ago.
I took a job in a predominantly older generation church in 2013, so they all played woodwinds, brass, piano, strings, etc. No electric or bass, one drummer.

So I learned fast how to make it sound good .. but I made up a lot of new open chords or just capo-ed all the time.

I never spent the time to get good at picking lead lines, scales, or understanding fretboard theory. Although it started out as a need, guitar turned into a want for me. I fell in love with the instrument!

I’ve been looking for a good tutorial on chord inversions, barres, getting up the neck to the 12th fret. I finally found one!

Paul Baloche does it again! I purchased his worship team workshop last year… it was so much fun. It focused a small slice of time on band, but really focused on vocals.

Now I’ve been looking into some of his newer band workshops, and ran across this beauty.

I may not have a ton of time today, but I carved out some to really work on my knowledge of the instrument I play.

If you’re like me… and you’re a pianist/ singer who found yourself “getting by” on guitar, these resources are for you!
Check the link Paul mentions at the beginning of the video for a free pdf “booklet” to get you started.

Thanks all, God bless!