Time in the Word

I find I often struggle with choosing a “medium” for receiving His word. I’m a little ADD as I flip flop between ways to receive. I want you to know, if you’re like me.. that is ok!

A few things I find helpful are listening to the Bible app- youversion– it’s free, and the quality is that of a good audio book, and has many different translations! And you can’t beat free.

I also found a helpful way was to mark up my actual physical Bible. Sometimes that is harder because you have to really work at setting aside the time. 

A tool I’ve loved is ordering bible friendly highlighters (they don’t bleed through because they’re gel wax)… and making a chart for what they mean. Here’s one option, above.

Then there’s always reading and journaling, which I also do.

I find that being open and honest with God on the days I’m struggling is better than reading or spending time out of duty or obligation.

It’s so important to understand that quality, not quantity- is what is most important to really be transformed by. So take even one verse out of Paul’s letters- and just read, reread, highlight- then sit and meditate on it. Own it. Ask God to apply it. 

That’s always better than trying to read ten chapters a day and just breezing through. 

And this way you’ll find a joy to receive it- and a desire for a more… !

I pray each of you finds a reigniting of the fire within them for his love letter to us, today.

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