Millennials, Faith, Hard Work, + a Dash of Whimsy 

Writers have a lot to say about the age bracket known as “Millennials” in the blogosphere recently. Unfortunately not much of it is good.

Millennials are accused of things like wanting to change the world, but not wanting to put in the hard work to get there; or laziness; entitlement; or being completely “out of touch with reality”.

I see articles circulating that say things like “millennials tend to think that they are special, but if we’re all special, then who is left to do all this hard work?”

Somehow, I think any age bracket BUT millennials are the ones that are writing these articles. Anyone with me?

So let’s add a positive article on this topic to the blogs.

I remember being taught by many sweet Sunday school teachers as a child that “all things are possible with God”, or, “if you have faith as small as a mustard seed: and you say to this mountain, move! then it will be moved Jesus’ name.”

***Let me add that my Sunday school teachers were probably a mixture of traditionalists, generation X-ers, and baby-boomers!*** 🙂

We should all think we are “special”- and be ready to change the world- just together. I’m talking young or old, people. If the church rose up and acted as ONE to feed the hungry, heal the sick, protect the weak… then I daresay the world would change.

I think some of the millennials may be on to something. BIG, huge, whimsical faith. Don’t let a mindset after Christ appear naive or immature!

Can I tell you a secret? Age had nothing to do with any of the miracles that happened in the past! {Tweet!}

Don’t lose your whimsy! Jesus had something to say about this: “I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 18:3

Bob Goff- bestselling author and non profit lawyer has a LOT to say about faith, whimsy, and radical love. And he is NOT a millennial!

Gideon was terrified, Noah’s big miracle happened at age 500, Joshua was in mourning, David appeared mouthy and young, Josiah was King at 8 (EIGHT, people!), and Samuel was a prophet before he hit puberty!

I think a teaspoon of Faith, a pinch of Hard Work, + a Dash of Whimsy if the perfect recipe (regardless of age) to follow!